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Artist Management

A manager handles the day to day business dealings on behalf of an artist or band. The artist is in charge of creating the art and usually has an overall vision for the project, but it’s the managers’ job to take that vision, map out a viable plan, and execute it.

A manager is also the ring-leader of the business. Meaning agents, lawyers, publicists, business managers, promoters, labels, etc. don’t make substantial moves without conferring with the manager since their word is as good as the artist themselves. Artist management is one of the most personal jobs in the music business.

Business Management

A music business manager is someone who represents recording artists and musicians with the advertising, marketing, business and financial end of things.

Most music business managers have a degree in business administration and should have knowledge of tax laws, investments, accounting and negotiating.

Tour Management

A tour manager is a person who runs the show when a band is on tour. Tour managers are responsible for making sure a concert tour runs smoothly. Their jobs involve looking after the tour finances, making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there and generally making sure that everyone on tour is on task.

Tour manager tasks often also involve dealing with the personal issues of the other people on tour and generally making sure that everyone on tour is happy.

Booking Agency

An Artist Booker, or Booking Agent, works in the music industry to book performers for concerts, gigs and other live music performances. They often schedule performances and negotiate with the artists directly or with booking representatives or producers to arrange terms of contract, dates, and fees. They may also audition new talent.

Artist Bookers or Booking Agents may either be employed in-house or work independently. They may specialize in independent bookings in a particular musical genre such as cabaret, chamber music or rock or pop music. An Artist Booker or Booking Agent may even sponsor, manage and produce the whole event.


DDR Entertainment is a full service merchandise company. We specialize in providing all aspects of our artist's merchandising needs, from concept to completion. Our design specialists are ready to create eye-catching march perfectly suited for your fanbase.

We also provide any needed fulfillment duties required, such as stocking and shipping all of your orders to wherever you are in the world. DDR will also run your online sales division processing order fulfillment.

Production Rental

Putting on a show requires a significant amount of production equipment, including stage equipment, lighting, tech, and much more. Production equipment and service rental can lower an artist's or band's initial overhead, by eliminating expensive purchase costs.

As a band or artists grow, their production needs increase, and production rental allows their stage performances to grow in scope with them. The right equipment can help boost an artist into the next stage of their career.

FOH Mixing

FOH mixing is an integral part of a band or artist's tour. The FOH engineer understands the intricacies of using the equipment to ensure the artist(s) sound their absolute best in any situation or venue. Flexibility and reliability are key, allowing the engineer to balance multiple audio sources in unique environments.

The job requires extensive knowledge of modern mixing technology, as well as a musical ear and an innate sense of artistry in their work.

Monitor Mixing

Working in conjunction with FOH mixing, monitor mixing also guarantees that stage performers are able to give their best performance. By allowing the musicians to hear themselves well, they are able to perform to the best of their abilities.

Mixing, including monitor mixing, is technically complex and each band member and solo artist has their own individual requirements, likes, and dislikes. The monitor engineer works with the FOH engineer and the artist(s) to ensure the best sound quality during a performance.

Accountants / Lawyers

The entertainment business isn't just about great performances. It's also about paperwork. Behind every great act are the lawyers and accountant who manage the complicated paperwork and ensure that the bills and artists are paid.

Navigating contracts and expense spreadsheets shouldn't fall on the shoulders of the artists. A working partnership with accountant and lawyers who are on the artist's side helps to ensure overall success.